Introducing our brand new bounty tournaments where everyone has a bounty on their head! Buy in to the tournament and put down your bounty. Every time you're responsible for knocking out another player, you will win the bounty that's on their head! The bounty is added directly to your account after you beat the player.
bounty tournaments Daily schedule
1pm ET $1,000 GT $6 + $0.60 $3
4pm ET $750 GT $4 + $0.40 $2
6pm ET $2,500 GT $10 + $1 $5
8pm ET $500 GT $3 + $0.30 $1.50
10pm ET $3,000 GT $12 + $1.20 $6
Look for the "K" next to the tournament name!

Bounty Tournaments

  • The Knockout bounty tournaments are only available on specific tournaments.
  • All players will be required to pay their bounty when they enter the bounty tournament.
  • Only the player who wins the hand where another player is kicked out will win the bounty. Other players involved in the hand will not receive a bonus.
  • If more than one player wins the hand, each player will receive half of the kicked out players' bounty. In order for a player to win under these circumstances, the player will need to have more chips than the losing player at the start of the hand.
  • The bounty is paid out as soon as the player is kicked out. If you do not receive the bounty within the hour, please contact [email protected] with the hand number.
  • The bounty tournaments will all be freezeout tournaments. Meaning that no rebuy or add-on will be available.
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