We are pleased to announce our new and improved Poker Software. We have listened to all your suggestions and improved features, and behind the scenes we have been working on bringing you an improved poker experience.

We are so excited to show you our new poker room, so don't delay log in now. Here are some of the highlights.






We have improved our tournament structure adding two $10,000 Freerolls.

We will be running many more direct satellites for bigger and better tournaments. To celebrate, we are giving away a free tournament ticket on your first deposit this July.

We have added new and exciting player contests, which are updated directly in the poker room. Check your place on the leaderboard after your sessions. No need to wait until the next day for your points to update!

There are vast improvements to the Cash Race, the Sit 'n Go challenge and the MTT leaderboard.

We have added 3 exciting new poker games: 7-Card Stud, Americana and 32-Card Draw.

So play now and get winning in more ways than ever before!

Need time to think, Time Bank has now arrived. Hit it for an extra few seconds to make your call.

Giving you time to analyze your opponents, strategize on your move and that extra time to just think.

Reload in July and receive 100% back.

Use our new system to see how close you are to releasing your bonuses, and view any additional bonuses you have been given.

FAQs on What's New and Improved

  • Feel free to contact our friendly customer service if your question isn't answered. Email us today at [email protected].
  • Q: Why have we upgraded the poker software?
    A: We have always strived to bring you the best poker experience. We have been looking at ways to improve the poker room, offering you new games and exciting new promotions. This has now arrived, all you need to do is download and play.
  • Q: How do I download the new software?
    A: You can open the existing poker room on your desktop and the new software will begin to download. Alternatively you can click here or any poker download link on the site. Having problems updating? Our customer services will be happy to help you through the process.
  • Q: Where is my balance?
    A: Your balance has not moved, check the cashier in the poker software, or the cashier onsite.
  • Q: What has happened to my pop points?
    A: Your pop points have been transferred to the new software, they are now called Comp points. Comp points are valued at 10 Comp points for each POP point. You can view your Comp point balance in the cashier, under Tickets.
  • Q: Where are my treasures?
    A: Treasures were discontinued, please make sure your email address is up to date in order to not miss any news.
  • Q: Can I use my existing account details?
    A: Yes, just log in using your existing details or contact customer service if you need help.
  • Q: I can't see my favourite cash table?
    A: Cash tables are the main tab which opens as you login. Click the 'Games' tab, if you are seeing the tournaments or Sit & Go's.
  • Q: What are tournament tickets?
    A: You will now receive a tournament ticket as a free entry into tournaments. These are either issued in the form of a bonus or if you win a satellite.
  • Q: What is Tournament Money (TM)?
    A: Tournament Money (TM). Tournament money an additional way to buy in to tournaments. Where "tickets" are setup for specific tournaments, tournament money can be used in any tournament that accepts TM as a buy-in (where the buy in is the same value as your available tournament money).
  • Q: Where is my buddies list and player notes?
    A: The current buddies list and player notes have been upgraded. You can create a new list, under 'options' and click 'My buddies'. In 'options' you will see 'My Tables' and 'My Tournaments' where you will see a list of your favourite tournaments and tables. You can also search for players using the 'Find Player' option. Due to the extent of the upgrade, old player notes are incompatible with this system.
  • Q: How do I deposit and withdraw on the new Cashier system?
    A: Simply access the new improved Cashier anywhere you see the 'Cashier' link, either on the website or in the Poker Client. Once you are in the Cashier, select the action you want to perform and follow the easy steps provided.
  • Q: Why aren't my funds showing when I log into the poker software?
    A: Going forward, when you make a deposit your funds will be deposited into your main wallet which you can use to bet in Sports, Casino or Racebook. To use your funds in poker, simply perform a Sports to Poker transfer in the Cashier and your funds will be transferred to Poker. You can transfer any portion of your Available Balance to Poker.
    To transfer your funds back to your main wallet, either to bet in one of our new products or to take a payout simply select the Transfer from Poker to Sport option in the bottom left corner of the Cashier and follow the on screen instructions.
  • Q: Can I withdraw from my poker wallet?
    A: A: Tournament money (TM) is an additional way to buy in to tournaments. Where "tickets" are setup for specific tournaments, tournament money can be used in any tournament that accepts TM as a buy-in (if the player has enough tournament money to afford the buy in).
  • Q: What has happened to my active poker bonus?
    A: If you had an active bonus it will be credited to the new accounts within 48 hours.
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