Bounty Tournaments

Bounty Hunters, Listen Up!
Play in our bounty tournaments and every time you kick out another player, you will get the bounty that's on their head!

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$100,000 Guaranteed Tournament

$100,000 In Weekend Guarantees
Win your share of $100,000 every weekend, with tournaments ranging from $1,000 to $20,000.

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Satellite Tournaments

Play For Your $50K GT Entry!
Play in Sit ‘n go or multi-table satellite tournaments to get your entry to the $50,000 GT.

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$20,000 Sunday tournament

$20,000 Sunday Tournament
Play in the $20,000 GT on Sundays and get your share of the massive prize pool for only $40 + $4.

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$15,000 Guaranteed Tournament

Play In $15,000 GT's Every Weekend
Saturdays at 7pm and Sundays at 4pm ET, play for your share of $15,000. Buy-in for only $30 + $3.

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$10,000 Guaranteed Tournament

$10,000 GT's Every Weekend
Buy in to the $10,000 Sunday GT's for only $20 + $2 and go for a big win!

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$7500 GT Winners Series

$7,500 Winners Series
Every weekday at 8:30pm ET we're bringing you a chance to win your share of $7,500, plus something extra!

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