Game Fairness’s systems, algorithms and practices ensure total fairness to each and every player. Our Random Number Generators (RNG’s) operate at the highest level of encryption and randomness.

Every online poker room uses RNG’s to shuffle the decks and pull the cards. A good RNG generates numbers that are:

  • Evenly distributed
  • Unrelated
  • Unpredictable operate at the highest level of encryption (randomness).

Were a “random” number generator biased, players could recognize and exploit its bias. A poker room’s RNG is its lifeblood—a faulty RNG means predictable games, which means players quickly disappearing to look elsewhere for a fair game. It’s in the poker room’s interest to use as unbiased an RNG as possible. uses 2 cryptographically certified and secured RNG’s. Each incorporates a "seed", i.e. the point from which a sequence of randomly generated numbers starts. It’s impossible to predict the sequences resulting from the seed. To ensure that a sequence doesn’t repeat, the seed is calculated using as many factors as possible, including network activity, time of day and many other parameters.

So how many possible points can the seed start from? 1000? 10,000? A million?

Actually, it’s 2 19937-1 , which is slightly larger than the number formed by the numeral 4 followed by 6,000 zeroes.

Exactly how big a number is that?

It’s hard to get a feeling for the magnitude of hyper-large numbers like that, because there’s no real physical property to attach to it. For instance, it can’t compare to the number of ounces the Earth weighs, as that number is a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the number of possible seeds.

Consider this, if you will: the number of atoms in the observable universe is estimated at 10 85 . Just look around you, and think of the millions of atoms that make up the period at the end of this sentence. Now, take the total of all the atoms you or anyone else can see, and imagine if each of those atoms were expanded to the size of the universe, and each universe-size atom now contains 10 85 atoms of its.

Got that? Now do it again, every one of the 2 nd generation mini-atoms now a universe unto itself, each again consisting of 10 85 atoms.

Now do it again. 67 more times.

Hopefully, you’re not using a pencil for this. Anyhow, that number is one-trillionth of one-trillionth of one-trillionth of one-trillionth of the number of possible seeds for’s RNG’

So yes, we’re pretty confident you won’t see a deal repeat itself anytime soon.

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